Latino Fashion Week® (LFW™), Dallas – 2014 Tour “Beyond Exceptional”

Back on May 1st, I had the pleasure of photographing the 8th annual Latino Fashion Week 2014 tour in Dallas. LATINO FASHION WEEK® |LFW™| is the only full week and tour dedicated to Latino Fashion in the United States, showcasing top Latino designers from Central and South America, the Caribbean and the U.S. In its eighth year, the theme for LATINO FASHION WEEK®, “Beyond Exceptional,” exemplifies those in the Fashion Industry that continuously push the boundaries of excellence.  LFW™ is a showcase of all that is fashion during the 2014 Tour in the cities of Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. 

The event featured local designers Binzario CoutureCaritoCaróElvira DíazHueso Outlaw by Anthony MuelleKHG by Krystle Holnes and Rulli Torres.

SISU Uptown Resort

SISU Uptown Resort

The event was held at SISU Uptown Resort. The fashion show itself was held by the pool, which created a challenging environment to shoot in. There was no runway, the models walked along the side of the pool, and walked over a platform that was placed across the narrow width of the pool, then walked back where they came from. There were quite a few photographers there, so space was tight.  I arrived early and I was able to get a decent spot to shoot from. It was interesting to see the late comers jocking for position, even getting a little pushy. Lighting at a fashion show is always a challenge, and it was no different at this venue, especially with an outdoor event. The lighting was uneven along the pool side and there was a spot light at the other end of the pool that caused lens flare, I just deleted most of those shots with the lens flare. Overall, I was still able to get some good shots and I met some really nice people. I big thanks to Delia De Avila from LFW for approving my press pass. 

Below are a few shots from the event, click "here" to view the entire gallery.