The Make Up Show Dallas

I'm always looking for opportunities to photograph interesting people. When I heard that The Makeup Show was coming to Dallas, I knew this would be a great chance to capture images of some very interesting people. I emailed the PR contact requesting a press pass the week of the show and I received a response asking where would the images go. I replied and stated they would be on all my social media platforms. I didn't hear anything else, so I sent a follow up email - still no reply. I'm always a little ticked when people don't respond to inquiry. I'd rather be declined instead of waiting around for an answer. Inconsiderate behavior is one of my pet peeves.

The Makeup Show is a two day event beginning on Saturday. The morning of the show, I contemplated whether I would go or not, in the end I knew I would capture some great images, so I decided to make the trip to downtown via Dart Rail. I wanted to bring a minimal amount of gear, so I took two lenses, my work horse the Tamron 24-70 2.8 and the 50 1.8. Because this was indoors, I took my SB-700 flash along with the Gary Fong diffuser. Next time I'll bring a macro lens to capture some of the amazing detailed work of the makeup artist. 

The event was held at the Hyatt Regency hotel. The at the door tickets were $60 for a one day pass and $76 for two days, I bought a one day pass. This event isn't totally open to the public, you have to show some proof that you are in the industry as a makeup artists, retail artists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, buyer, agent, photographer, model, costume and theater designers, face or body painters. Of course I fall into the photographer category, so I had to present my business card as proof.  If you've ever been to a trade show or convention, it had the same type of layout. There were seminars, exhibits, keynote speakers, forums and of course tons of makeup to buy. The people involved where from all over the country, I met exhibitors from New York and attendees from Pheonix, AZ. It was an incredible eclectic mix of talent and creativity. I arrived at the event around 1:30 and I wish I had gotten there earlier. I had a great time taking photographs, networking and just talking to people. This was the first time this event was held in Dallas, I definitely plan to attend next year and attend both days - ALL DAY! 

Here's a promo YouTube video by The Makeup Show. Below the video are some of the pics I took. You can see the entire gallery of images here.

Makeup Creator of Serenity and Scott Cosmetics

Makeup Artist Jinnymakeup - Mehron Makeup

NYC Makeup artist Nicky Posely | Model Kseniya Bardabush

Model Kseniya Bardabush

Model Kseniya Bardabush

Makeup For Ever Academy

Glamcor from NYC

Attendee Mia from Phoenix, AZ

Attendee Erika

InfiniteLUXE Fashion Show | 3.22.14

Last Saturday, I photographed a fashion show hosted by Curvy Fox and Choices Boutique. The fashion event showcased spring and summer collections from local Dallas designers, Curvy Fox, Sade Wooten, Jaggad Hanger, Pink Sorbie, G3 Concepts, and Fly’ish Clothing. The event was held at Gilley's Dallas with sounds provided by DJ Dirty Rae

This is my 5th fashion show and I'm enjoying them more and more. However, It can be challenging shooting a fashion show, because you never know what the lighting will be like. For this event, there was a spotlight that lit up the runway, which made it easier to get the shots exposed and in focus. 

Here are some of the shots from the fashion show. Big thanks to Melanie Arango, Bel Flores and Mario Abad for the press pass to the event. Click here to see the entire gallery.

The Lust for Gear


The cost associated with being a photographer can be very discouraging, especially if you have professional aspirations. When I started looking at pro gear, reality hit me in the face - this stuff is expensive. I can't afford to spend $2,500 for ONE LENS. It's depressing. I had to make a decision early on that I would not go into debt buying gear. Instead, I'll just work with the gear I do have. So far I've successfully fought off the lust for gear. I wondered, how do all these professionals afford all that high end gear? Inquiring minds want to know. This is where networking or listening to professional photographers comes in handy. I began to learn a lot of the trade secrets. I found that a lot of photographers don't own all that gear, they rent it - that was a ah-ha moment. Renting is a great way to get access to really good gear without the expense of buying it. I started renting higher end gear, and a whole new world of possibilities opened up. I have a good camera body, Nikon D7000, so I've only rented lenses so far. I rent for the following reasons:

  • Test the gear to see if I want to buy it in the future
  • Photographic project
  • Special shooting situations
  • Shooting for a client

Lens Rental

This past weekend I met up with a photography club to shoot a couple of models at the Mandalay Canal, Las Colinas - Irving, TX, which is a great location. I heard from other photographers, that the Nikon 85mm f/1.8G AF-S lens was a great lens for shooting portraits, so I decided I would rent the lens and test it out. You can rent camera gear several ways, local camera store or online. I use to rent camera gear, the prices are reasonable and it's convenient. The gear is shipped to your address and when your done, you just ship it back. I looked at renting from a local camera store, but I found there prices much more expensive.

When I got the lens I noticed how "used" it looked. I knew then this must be a popular rental. I shot with the 85mm 1.8 for several hours and I was really impressed. First was the model shoot, then I went to the Galleria to shoot the Galleria Dallas Runway Revue event. This lens is as good as the reviews say, the focus was quick, does well in low light, and the images are sharp. I noticed when I shot the runway models, the images were soft, but that was my fault because my shutter speed was a little to slow. Overall I was very impressed and I will definitely buy this lens. Below are some if the images taken with the Nikon 85mm 1.8.