Head Shots

One Minute Tip #5: Dealing with Glasses

People who wear glasses are faced with the decision of, "should I wear my glasses for my head shot or portrait session?" As a Tampa, FL based photographer, I admit, it can be a challenge to photograph clients with glasses. The primary issue is the reflection or glare glasses produce when the light hits them. It's helpful if you buy corrective lenses with anti-glare. Another option is to have a pair of frames with no lenses. I wouldn't buy a pair of frames, instead, ask your optometrist to borrow a pair for the day. 

It took some study and practice, but I learned how to completely avoid the reflection or glare that lenses produce. With that being said, if people recognize you with your glasses then my suggestion is to wear them for your head shot or portrait session. Plus, you want to look authentic in your head shot and if family, friends, and business associates are used to seeing you with glasses on, you should wear them.

Natural Light Portraits

For the past year, I've exclusively focused on studio lighting when it came to photographing head shots or portraits. My goal was to learn the different lighting techniques and to develop my own sense of style in the studio. It has been a great learning experience and there's a lot more to learn. Over the last year I've made some great images and some not so great. But, that's apart of the learning experience. I found that I really like the look of beauty lighting or clam shell lighting styles. 

I recently attended a workshop called "A Models Workshop." This workshop consisted of models, make up artist, photographers and stylist. The workshop had classes for the models and one for the photographers. The photographer classes were on studio lighting and posing, both where very good. Once the class was over the photographers attending the workshop, found a location in the studio to shoot the models.

The workshop was held at Brown Lane Studios. I've photograph almost all of my head shots and portraits in this studio. There is a huge natural light studio with windows from the floor to the ceiling. I've always wanted to shot in that studio. Although I brought my lighting gear to the studio, I decided to shoot all natural light portraits (except for a few shots taken during the studio light and posing class). I found a spot close to the window, and got a couple of V-Flats a reflector and shot ONLY natural light portraits. It was a partly cloudy day, but there was plenty of light streaming through the windows. I used a small reflector to add just a bit of pop. What I loved about this workshop is that the models had a session with each photographer through out the studio. I had the opportunity to take plenty of natural light photographs. I will say I was tempted to get my lighting gear, but I resisted. Overall, I was  pleased with the outcome of the images, some of which I use in my portfolio. The great thing about natural light, you don't need a studio, just a good location and some shade. The best time is actually overcast days as the clouds act as a natural diffuser, softening the sun light. Below are some of my favorite natural light portraits from the workshop.