I'm so confused


In the late 70s, there was a popular show called "Welcome Back, Kotter." One of the then young stars of the show was John Travolta and he played a character named "Vinnie Barbarino." Vinnie is what you call, academically challenged.  Whenever Vinnie got overwhelmed with information or responsibility he would grab his head with both hands, and with a pained look on his face, he would yell out "I'M SO CONFUSED."

Vinnie expresses exactly how I feel, confused.  The mountain of things to do in order to get started in photography, is intimidating – at least it is for me. I've questioned myself over and over, and the urge to quit as already presented itself as an option. It’s fascinating how quickly the mind begins to turn on you at the slightest hint of doubt. How much more would we accomplish, if we could only win the battle in our own head. I heard a physical trainer once say, “Your body can do more than the mind think’s it can.” I've experienced that first hand, whenever I've resisted the urge to quit,  I’ve always been able to go a little further or do an extra rep or two.  When I've gone that extra mile or did one more bench press, I get a real sense of victory. My Pastor says all the time, “You’ll win if you don’t quit.” That’s what I've resolved to do.