I'm so confused


In the late 70s, there was a popular show called "Welcome Back, Kotter." One of the then young stars of the show was John Travolta and he played a character named "Vinnie Barbarino." Vinnie is what you call, academically challenged.  Whenever Vinnie got overwhelmed with information or responsibility he would grab his head with both hands, and with a pained look on his face, he would yell out "I'M SO CONFUSED."

Vinnie expresses exactly how I feel, confused.  The mountain of things to do in order to get started in photography, is intimidating – at least it is for me. I've questioned myself over and over, and the urge to quit as already presented itself as an option. It’s fascinating how quickly the mind begins to turn on you at the slightest hint of doubt. How much more would we accomplish, if we could only win the battle in our own head. I heard a physical trainer once say, “Your body can do more than the mind think’s it can.” I've experienced that first hand, whenever I've resisted the urge to quit,  I’ve always been able to go a little further or do an extra rep or two.  When I've gone that extra mile or did one more bench press, I get a real sense of victory. My Pastor says all the time, “You’ll win if you don’t quit.” That’s what I've resolved to do. 


Ready or Not...


Well, I've decided to throw my hat in the ring, and take my passion to the "pro" ranks. Last week I took the first steps, I went to the Dallas County Clerk’s office and registered the DBA "Fitz Crittle Photography.” Here's the scary part, I know that I'm not ready, I don't have a studio or the equipment I need. I don't even think my work is pro level yet. So why go into the photography business with all my deficiencies? Valid question, and I'd like to thank SNL creator  Lorne Michaels  for the answer.

Last year I listened to an audio book called "Bossypants", written by Saturday Night Live (SNL) alum,  Tina Fey. Bossypants is an autobiographical book written by the comedienne, and it topped the New York Times best seller list. I bought the book because I was in the mood to listen to something funny. I enjoyed listening to the book, it was funny, informative and it's an interesting look into show business through the eyes of Tina Fey. But there was section of the book that changed my approach to life. I’ll paraphrase the story and tell you want I mean.

 Tina was hired as a writer for SNL in 1997. Before the start one of there shows, Tina was very concerned that they were not ready. There were issues with the script, the actors didn't appear prepared, there was a problem with the set - everything was a mess. Tina addressed her concerns with the show’s creator Lorne Michaels,  and told him, "we aren't ready to start the show." Unaffected by her frantic request, Loren says to her "we don't start the show because we're ready, we start the show because it's 11:30." When I heard that quote, something in me leaped. I've come to a point where I understand everything won't be perfect when pursuing a goal or dream, in fact, that’s what I expect. Over the years I've learned that it's during the process that things began to take shape. If all you do is think about starting a business, or going back to school or changing careers, you'll forever be on the side lines pondering "what if." Don't get me wrong, do your research, but at some point you have to take a leap of faith and just do it. 

Why am I starting a photography business, because it's 11:30.