The Makeup Show Orlando 2018

Back in September 2014 I attended my first Makeup Show in Dallas, TX. It was a really cool event to attend and I captured a lot of interesting photographs. While I was a photographer living in Dallas, I never attended another Make Up Show. In October of 2016, I moved to the Tampa, FL area. This past summer (2018), I just happen to come across a ad promoting The Makeup Show Orlando, scheduled for September 15-16, 2018. After verifying my calendar was clear for that weekend, I immediately made plans to make the hour and half drive to the Hyatt Regency Orlando. 

The format and layout for the show was similar to The Makeup Show Dallas, but in Orlando, it was $5 cheaper for a one day pass and $4 cheaper for a two day. As stated in my previous blog, the event isn't open to the public, you have to show some proof that you are in the industry as a makeup artists, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, photographer, model, etc. I provided my business card and I was good to go.

Unlike 2014, I attended this years show with a photographic purpose in mind, which was to capture images to add to my editorial stock portfolio on Shutterstock. The first time around in Dallas I was so excited to be there, that I photographed a lot of the same things. This time around, I was a lot more selective. After all, once you’ve been up and down each isle after a few hours, the scene looks the same. It was however, interesting to see the progress of the models being body painted. Whenever I felt the visual monotony, I would stop shooting and starting observing, even having a conversation or to or take a break in the lobby. When I became bored from just walking hunting for a opportunity, I would “work” an area, and whatever I found interesting at that spot, I would photograph it.

The Makeup Show attendees are probably the most interesting subjects of all to photograph. There’s a real buzz of excitement by all the passionate beauty professionals and there’s a steady flow of new faces. In the middle of the second row next to one of the makeup vendors, there was a full length mirror with beautiful bright lights around the edges, a photographers dream. I noticed attendees would look at themselves in that mirror after sampling various makeup looks. Periodically through out the day, I would park just to the left of the mirror and photograph attendees as they admired the work on their face. I even managed a few ladies to pose for me.

Well, The Makeup Show Orlando, was just as much fun this time as it was in Dallas. Please check out a few images blow, or see my collection on Shutterstock.

2016 DFW Golf Show

For the third consecutive year, I was the photographer for the fourth annual DFW Golf Show at the Irving Convention Center, which is just west of Dallas, TX. The three day event brings out the vibrant Dallas - Fort Worth golf community and it's a really fun event packed with products, services and giveaways. 

Although the event is three days, I've only been required to shoot on that Saturday for about 4 hours. Saturday this year was Kid's day, and there were definitely more junior golfers than in years past.  

Every year I receive a shot list, which has been the same all three years. I know precisely what shots are required, therefore, it made this event a breeze to shoot. That precision has decreased my shot count and I have fewer wasted images, which helps speed up the post processing as I have few images to work with. The layout at the Irving Convention Center was almost identical to last year, the only change was they moved the main stage to the opposite end of the hall. 

It was nice seeing some familiar and new faces at the show and I look forward to next year. Below are some of my shots from this years DFW Golf Show or you can check out the DFW Golf Show Facebook fan page for more images. 

Game 7: Cowboys v. Eagles

Change Is Gonna Come

This was the first Cowboy home game after the Daylight Savings Time (DST) change. Why do we continue to observe DST? Anyway, now that the sunset's at 5:25 PM, I was concerned about the lighting on the stage. In this blog I'm going to write about how I  handled the changing lighting situation. Be warned, I'll get a little technical in this blog. 

The first set of performances on the Miller Lite stage, which is on the west end of AT&T Stadium, started at 4:50 PM, no issues here as the stage was lit by the sun. It's actually my favorite time to shoot as the low horizon of the sun creates beautiful light. In photography circles is called the Golden Hour, and it's a great time to take photos outdoors because the intensity of the sunlight is reduced and it's more indirect sunlight. 

Shot at 4:50 PM on the Miller Lite Plaza Stage

The second set of performances began at 5:21 PM on the AT&T Plaza stage, on the east side of AT&T Stadium, although we were in the shadow of the stadium, there was still plenty of light. By this time the stage lights were on causing some uneven lighting, but not enough to cause a big problem. But you can see that the middle of the stage is where the lights are directed. I like shooting on this side of the stadium because the shade creates soft even lighting.  But most of the time the sky is blown out because I have to expose for the shade and using flash doesn't make sense for a variety of reasons. So far so good.

Shot at 5:21 PM on the AT&T Plaza Stage

The next performance on the AT&T Plaza stage was at 5:45 PM, now the sun has set and we are on the shaded side of the stadium. To my chagrin, the stage was not evenly lit. The spot lights were focused on the middle of the stage, so the dancers would be in the spot light and the shaded areas of the stage at that the same time. Now, what do I set my exposure to? 

Shot at 5:45. You can see how uneven the stage lighting is configured

I know I want to shoot at 1/500th of second. So I set my camera to Manual mode. I set my shutter speed to 1/500 and took a series of shots, adjusting my Aperture and ISO, until I got to an acceptable exposure. I ended up at f/5.6 at ISO 6400. ISO 6400 is to high for my liking, but it's something I had to live with. Freezing the action is top priority. I chose f/5.6 because I like a little wiggle room to get the shot in focus. There were a ton of images that were under exposed, I had to up the shadow slider in Adobe Lightroom quite a bit. I didn't do any noise adjustment because the D750 does really well at high ISO's. 

That's my tale on how I dealt with the changing lighting patterns due the DST change. Veteran's and those who are serving in our military, where also being honored on this day. I'm a military brat and my father served 30 years in the Army, including two tours to Vietnam, I can certainly appreciate Veteran's Day.  Here are a few more shots and some video of my day AT&T Stadium.

Game 3: Cowboys vs Giants

Ahhhh, I love the smell of the first regular season home game and what an exciting game. The Cowboys win against the Giants on a late 11 yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo to TE Jason Whitten with only 7 secs left.  It was great start to the season. Here are some of my photographs from my day at AT&T Stadium. 

Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Drumline before the Dallas Cowboys vs NY Giants on September 13, 2015

Game 2: Cowboys v. Texans (Preseason)

I got my first game as the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue photographer in the books. It was an great experience and I can't wait until the next home game. Here are some photographs from the second Dallas Cowboys preseason home game.   I decided for this game to rent a wide angle lens to experiment with getting some different shots. I heard about new Tamron 15-30 and the rave reviews, so I decided to rent it from Borrow Lenses for this game.  It did provide for some interesting angels (see the first 7 images below). Here are some shots from Game 2. You can view a larger version of the photographs below by clicking on the image.

Game 1: Cowboys v. Vikings (Preseason)

Game Day

Awwwww yeah! It's game day. The Dallas Cowboys first preseason home game against the Vikings. I'm excited because it's my first day as the photographer for the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers and Drumline. It's sort of my preseason as well. Here's how the day went.

Gear Check

Here's a run down of my game day gear list:

  • Nikon D750: This will be my main body.
  • Nikon D610: Second/backup body. 
  • Tamron 24-70: For my first day this will be on my D750.
  • Sigma 70-200: This will be on my D610.
    • Since I wasn't sure how things will go, I'll have both camera bodies on me so that I don't waste time switching lenses. 
  • SB-700 Flash: Just in case I need to shoot any indoor photographs
  • Rogue Flash Bender: To use with the SB-700
  • Spider Camera Holster: This thing is expensive, but one of the best investments. I have various shoulder straps, after hours of shooting, my shoulders would be really sore the next day. With the Spider Camera Holster system (think old western gunslinger kinda belt), you have your cameras on your hip, man it makes a difference at the of the day.  Well worth the money.
  • Mono-pod

Performance Schedule

AT&T Stadium has two plazas, the Miller Lite Plaza on the west end and the AT&T Plaza on the east end. The DCRB dancers & drumline perform at both stages starting at the Miller Lite plaza. Then we have a convoy thru the AT&T Stadium main concourse to the AT&T Plaza. After performing there the convoy goes back to Miller Lite Plaza for the final stage performance.  Then we have a Mardi Gras style parade (minus the beads) to the upper concourse. You can see the schedule posted on the DCRB Facebook Fan Page before each home game.

Lessons Learned From Day One

Probably the biggest lesson I learned is that I don't have to carry both camera bodies.  I can shoot with the Tamron 24-70 for my wide angle shots on one stage and switch to the Sigma 70-200 for close ups on the other stage. I have plenty of time between performances to change lenses. I'll try that next time to see how that works. Also, because we are outdoors, there's plenty of light so I don't have to be concerned about maintaining a high shutter speed, but I do have to change my camera settings between stages, because for the late games, the west stage (Miller Lite Plaza) is in direct sunlight and the east stage (AT&T Plaza) is in the shade. I ended up using Shutter Priority at 1/500 of sec. I did take some indoor shots, so the flash came in handy. I never used the mono-pod so I don't know if I'll bring it next time. 


Below are some shots from game one. I'm a photographer, so I'm always on the look out for something interesting, so I won't be posting photos of DCRB. It will be a mix of interesting shots including some behind the scenes photos.

World of Dance Dallas 2015

For the second year in a row, I was a volunteer photographer at the World of Dance tour that hit Dallas on May 9, 2015 at the South Side Ballroom. I was excited about this event because one of my favorite dancers, Fik-Shun would be performing. I watched So You Think You Can Dance season 10, where Fik-Shun was the male winner that season, he quickly became a crowd favorite. 

Last year I shot pretty much want I wanted, this year I had an assignment to shoot the vendors and attendees. Once the dance competition started, there wasn't much to shot as everyone was watching the dancers, so I shot the dancers from the audio booth, right behind the judges. I'm glad I brought my Sigma 70-200 2.8 and my mono-pod as they came in handy shooting from that distance.  There was one dance crew I knew so I did shoot them from the front of the stage using a 17-35 i rented from Competitive Cameras. I prefer the shots from the audio booth because I didn't have to be on my knees for 4 hours, I could shoot standing up. 

Although I wasn't prepared to shoot video, I ended up shooting over a hours worth. Short clips of each crew. With a 70-200MM lens and a monopod, the video came out very shaky. It's hard to shoot stills and video when you have a few seconds to switch between them. I wanted to shoot some video just for the practice and wasn't to concerned about the quality. Below are some shots from the event, you can check out my full gallery of images HERE.



Hooligan Dance Krew

Hooligan Dance Krew



Fall for the Arts 2014

This past Saturday in Dallas, TX marked the annual Fall for the Arts, a celebration of all the arts in the North Texas/Dallas area. I photographed this free event last year and really enjoyed it. (Click here to see that blog post). If you're a photographer that enjoys photographing people, this is a great opportunity as there are people from various locations around DFW in one place. Based on last year, I figured it would be crowded so I took the Dart Rail to the Arts District station and proceeded to walk toward Klyde Warren Park (KWP). Last year I missed the Dallas Black Dance Theatre production that was held on the stage outside the Winspear Opera House. I decided to go there first, but when I arrived, there was no one there. So, I headed toward the Nasher Sculpture center because last year that's where the had the Asian culture performances and vendors along Flora St, but there was no one there either. I proceeded up Harwood St to KWP to where the main festivities were being held. I found a schedule and all the performances where only and KWP and not spread out like last year. This year's event was scaled back quite a bit. Previously there were four stages, this year there was only two, both located at KWP. I thought at first maybe the other stages are located somewhere else, but from the schedule, there are right here at KWP. I hung around for a few hours, walked around, took some shots and went home. Here are some of the photographs I took.

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Dallas Black Dance Theatre


The Make Up Show Dallas

I'm always looking for opportunities to photograph interesting people. When I heard that The Makeup Show was coming to Dallas, I knew this would be a great chance to capture images of some very interesting people. I emailed the PR contact requesting a press pass the week of the show and I received a response asking where would the images go. I replied and stated they would be on all my social media platforms. I didn't hear anything else, so I sent a follow up email - still no reply. I'm always a little ticked when people don't respond to inquiry. I'd rather be declined instead of waiting around for an answer. Inconsiderate behavior is one of my pet peeves.

The Makeup Show is a two day event beginning on Saturday. The morning of the show, I contemplated whether I would go or not, in the end I knew I would capture some great images, so I decided to make the trip to downtown via Dart Rail. I wanted to bring a minimal amount of gear, so I took two lenses, my work horse the Tamron 24-70 2.8 and the 50 1.8. Because this was indoors, I took my SB-700 flash along with the Gary Fong diffuser. Next time I'll bring a macro lens to capture some of the amazing detailed work of the makeup artist. 

The event was held at the Hyatt Regency hotel. The at the door tickets were $60 for a one day pass and $76 for two days, I bought a one day pass. This event isn't totally open to the public, you have to show some proof that you are in the industry as a makeup artists, retail artists, aestheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, fashion stylists, buyer, agent, photographer, model, costume and theater designers, face or body painters. Of course I fall into the photographer category, so I had to present my business card as proof.  If you've ever been to a trade show or convention, it had the same type of layout. There were seminars, exhibits, keynote speakers, forums and of course tons of makeup to buy. The people involved where from all over the country, I met exhibitors from New York and attendees from Pheonix, AZ. It was an incredible eclectic mix of talent and creativity. I arrived at the event around 1:30 and I wish I had gotten there earlier. I had a great time taking photographs, networking and just talking to people. This was the first time this event was held in Dallas, I definitely plan to attend next year and attend both days - ALL DAY! 

Here's a promo YouTube video by The Makeup Show. Below the video are some of the pics I took. You can see the entire gallery of images here.

Makeup Creator of Serenity and Scott Cosmetics

Makeup Artist Jinnymakeup - Mehron Makeup

NYC Makeup artist Nicky Posely | Model Kseniya Bardabush

Model Kseniya Bardabush

Model Kseniya Bardabush

Makeup For Ever Academy

Glamcor from NYC

Attendee Mia from Phoenix, AZ

Attendee Erika