A Few Published Images

Every creator loves to see their work published. Whether it's a local publication or international, it's still exciting to see your images displayed for all the world to see. As a Tampa, FL based photorapher, I've had my work sporadically published over the years, but the in the past few weeks, several have popped up. Some of the clients I've worked with have been interviewed or recognized in an online publication and the images I photographed, was used in the article. I realize they probably have hundreds of images to chose from, so it's a rewarding feeling to see that one or more of my images were selected and in some cases, featured.  Below are links to the articles and some additional images from the photoshoots.


Kat Rogers Interviews


Kat Rogers Photo Shoot - Clearwater Beach, FL


Sienna Jade Interview


Sienna Jade Photo Shoot - Lofty Spaces in Dallas, TX