Open Mic

A few weeks ago, someone on Instagram posted that they will be performing at Opening Bell Coffee's (OBC) Open Mic. I was curious about that and went to OBC's website to see what this was all about. OBC has the longest running Open Mic in Dallas. Musicians sign up and play on a rotation for about 15 minutes which is normally two songs. Original music is preferred, but they do allow some cover songs as well. I decided to go to Open Mic night and see if I can photograph the artist as they perform. I spoke with the host and asked if it was OK if I photographed the artist, he said sure. I did offer the images for free for anyone who wants one. When I got there I was surprised to see one of the models I photographed at a works shop a few months ago. Below are some of the shots from Opening Bell Coffee's Open Mic, I also have some video clips on my Instagram feed.