Dallas International Fashion Show

The Dallas City Performance Hall was a nice venue for the 2nd Dallas International Fashion (DIF) show. The DIF was presented by Trendy Africa Magazine and was co hosted by the City of Dallas. There were several special guest in attendance, including Councilman Dwaine Caraway. The Emcee's for the show where comedian Wamilele and Jennifer Onwumere. The show included designers; Nick Rose, Aphropolitan, Blokes N Divas, Style is Innate, Bose Trendy Beads, TeKay designs, Studio D’Maxsi, Wumi O, Elizabeth Mae and Lucas Escalada. The designers displayed some incredible. 

From a photographers perspective, it wasn't an ideal setting. The Dallas City Performance Hall has a stage so there's no traditional runway. The models came from the back of the stage, two by two. Then one model went left the other went right and walked along the side of the hall. They then walked up to halfway section and carried on to the other side, then went back to the stage, making a complete circle. The media was seated on the front row, I knew then that would be an awkward place to shoot the event. I shot about half the show from the front row, then I moved the sides where the models would walk after they left the stage. That was a much better place to shot the models. I was able to stand and shot them straight on, versus from a seated perspective on the front row looking upward. Overall I got some good shots from different locations in the Hall adding a nice verity of shots. 

Here are some shots from the event, you can click "here" to see the entire gallery.