The Back Story Episode 3: My Name Is Bob

On a Saturday morning, I decided to go on a photo walk. A photo walk is when you grab your camera, pick out a location and photography anything you find interesting. Normally photo walks are organized by a group of photographers or a camera club, but on this occasion, I just went out by myself. The location I chose was Deep Ellum, a historic arts and entertainment neighborhood east of downtown Dallas. I chose Deep Ellum in the hopes of finding some interesting people to photography. 

I was heading east on Main St when I approached two people sitting outside, one of which was holding a keyboard and singing. This immediately peaked my curiosity. I introduced myself and told them what I was doing. I asked the guy holding the keyboard if I could take his portrait, he said sure. He told me his name was Bob and the lady sitting next to him was Jessica. 


After photographing Bob, he gave me his website, which is I asked Jessica if I could taker her picture as well, she agreed. When I got home I went to Bob's website, come to find out, Bob has a documentary film about his life called “His Name Is Bob.” After doing a online search, I found  several articles written about his life and the documentary, including a article in the Dallas Morning News.

Bob is mentally challenged with a troubled past, abused by his mother and abandoned at an institution as a child. He was a heavy drinker and for a time and he was homeless. The East Dallas community reached out to help Bob. His story was told in the 2010 indie documentary and has received awards on the festival circuit. The documentary was aired on DirecTV and the Dish Network. 

Jessica & Bob

It was quit interesting learning about Bob's life. I've changed how I think about people, I'm not so quick to judge, instead I wonder, what is "their" story. I wanted to send Bob the photo, so I searched and I found his Facebook page and emailed him a copy of the photo. A few months later Jessica emailed me requesting a copy of the photo's and I was more than happy to send them to her. Despite his troubled past, Bob appears to be at peace with his life.

That's the back story.