One Minute Tip #12: Confidence in Front of the Camera

Confidence in front of the camera is built over time and comes with experience. One way to build confidence is time spent in front of the camera. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Take some time each week if possible and practice being in front of the camera. Don't just practice taking still images, but include video as well. When is comes to posing, practice in front of a mirror. Find a friend with a camera and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

One Minute Tip #11: Envision

As a Tampa, FL based photographer, I approach each photo shoot with the end in mind. I have an idea of what the end result will be and begin to work toward that vision. In this One Minute Tip, I discuss how you as the client can have the same mind set going into any portrait session or photo shoot. 

One Minute Tip #7: Hands & Feet

When preparing for your photo shoot or portrait session, don't over look your hands and feet. They maybe featured in the photograph and if your hands and feet don't look good, then those photos will be unusable. My photo shoots and portrait session are fluid, meaning I may have an idea based on how the shoot is going and go in another direction. There have been session where I couldn't include certain hands or feet placements because the client neglected those areas. 

One Minute Tip #6: Red Eyes

As a Tampa, FL based photographer, I've had clients show up for head shots with red eyes. It's something we all have to deal with from time to time for various reasons. There are a few things you can do to remove or at least minimize red eyes. That's the topic of today's one minute tip video. 

One Minute Tip #5: Dealing with Glasses

People who wear glasses are faced with the decision of, "should I wear my glasses for my head shot or portrait session?" As a Tampa, FL based photographer, I admit, it can be a challenge to photograph clients with glasses. The primary issue is the reflection or glare glasses produce when the light hits them. It's helpful if you buy corrective lenses with anti-glare. Another option is to have a pair of frames with no lenses. I wouldn't buy a pair of frames, instead, ask your optometrist to borrow a pair for the day. 

It took some study and practice, but I learned how to completely avoid the reflection or glare that lenses produce. With that being said, if people recognize you with your glasses then my suggestion is to wear them for your head shot or portrait session. Plus, you want to look authentic in your head shot and if family, friends, and business associates are used to seeing you with glasses on, you should wear them.

One Minute Tip #4: Hair Cut

For the ladies, If you plan on cutting your hair before you photo shoot or portrait session, I suggest you do so 1-2 weeks in advance. The reason being, if something goes wrong, you have time to correct it, especially if it's a whole new look. For guys, a few days in advance is fine, but the same rule applies if you're going for a new look. 

Ladies, bring your favorite hair accessories, for different looks. If you're shooting outside, you'll be glad you brought them. 

One Minute Tip #3: Hire a Makeup Artist

Hiring a makeup artist (MUA) is a critical part of your portrait session. Makeup for photography is entirely different from everyday use. Because of the powerful lights, you need more makeup for photography and just adding more won't work. A MUA will have the right products to do the job. No one can do their own makeup as well as a professional makeup artist, if you want to look your best. It's also an opportunity  to learn a few tricks of the trade. Every time a client has hired a makeup artist, they always tell me about something they learned. As a Tampa based photographer, MUA make my job easier as I spend less time retouching.

If you have never worked with a makeup artist, I highly suggest that you hire one for your next photo shoot or portrait session. It will take your images to the next level.